SambaPOS 2.51 Test Release

We are happy to announce a new SambaPOS 2.51 relase. Since 2.11 release we didn't published a review about new releases so in this document I'll introduce you some new SambaPOS features.

Exporting Sales Data as CVS format

CVS is a special file format for exporting SambaPOS data to programs like Excel. To create a CVS file, visit Reports > CVS Builder, specify a date range and click "Export Sales Data" link. You can open this file with Excel or Google Documents. You can analyze your data, make calculations, create pivot tables or graphic charts. Especially the Pivot Table feature is very useful. You can group sale totals by any any data you need. The screenshot below is a pivot table that displays sale totals grouped by date and tables. The sample data contains 16700 lines. 

Saving Reports to a File

By clicking the Save Button on report screen you can save current state of the report to a XPS file. XPS is a PDF like document format. .net framework 4.0 setup automatically installs a XPS viewer application. 

Inventory Report

That report will display current status of Inventory Items.

Price Definitions

You may want using different prices on departments or you may want to change some product prices at certain times or certain days of the week. You can add additional price lists by adding new Price Definitions. 

Example screen shot shows additional hh (happy hour) and w (weekend) price lists. hh and w are called Price Tags. We use these tags because we display them in tickets next to prices.

You can manually activate desired pricelist for any depratment. If you want to activate or deactivate a pricelist automatically you'll use other SambaPOS feature called Triggers.


Do you want SambaPOS to do something at a certain time? You'll use triggers for this.

This sample trigger will execute at 7 a.m everyday. We use Cron expressions to define triggers. No problem if you don't have any idea about Cron expressions. Expression Builder will help creating trigger expressions easily. What happens when a trigger executes? We'll configure Actions and Rules to tell SambaPOS which Action will execute.

Actions and Rules

Actions are functional tasks like "Send E-mail" "Add discount to ticket" or "Activate Price List". We use Rules to configure "What Happens" when "Someting Happens".  For example we can create a rule like:

"When Work Period Ends" (Event):

  1. Save "End of Day Report" to c:\report.xps file (action)
  2. E-mail c:\report.xps file to boss. (action)

I'll show you an example for activating price list.

As seen in the screenshot we created a "Happy Hour Price List Activation Trigger". This trigger will execute everyday at 7 am.

This action will Activate Happy Hour Price List

Finally we'll create a Rule that runs "Activate Happy Hour Price List" when trigger executes.

This setting will activate Happy Hour price list on everyday.

By using these features together you can configure SambaPOS to do some common tasks like:

  • When work period ends send end of day report to Mr. Doe.
  • Everyday at 6pm and 24pm save inventory report.
  • When we create a ticket to Ms.Jones add %5 discount.
  • When a Delivery Ticket Total is more than $50 add %10 discount.
  • When a ticket total is more than $100 display a popup on cash computer.

Other features

Other than these key features we added many small features or fixes for better user experience. After trying SambaPOS feel free to send your feedbacks on our forums. 



i didnt find any report bug tool, so here i found something in the newest version in second run:

samba pos beklenmeyen bir sorunla karsilasti. Uygulama su anda kapatilacak.

detayli bilgi icin log dosyasini incleyiniz.


There is a file named trace.log under sambapos installation folder (under program files). Error details logged in this file. Please send it to so we can investigate the problem.

sorry but i searched whole system and i didnt find it. Where is the problem?

Try with latest version. Start it as an administrator on first run and it should generate log file under MyDocuments/SambaPOS2

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